Statement of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers in response to NHTSA and EPA’s release of the NPRM on fuel economy/CO2 standards for 2017-2025

November 16, 2011

Mitch Bainwol, president & CEO, Auto Alliance, issued this statement in response to NHTSA and EPA's release of the NPRM on fuel economy/CO2 standards for 2017-2025:

"This proposal continues the approach of establishing a single, national fuel economy program for fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions, which is the right overall direction. The proposed regulations present aggressive targets, and the Administration must consider that technology break-throughs will be required and consumers will need to buy our most energy-efficient technologies in very large numbers to meet the goals. During the comment period, we hope the Obama Administration is open to continuing discussions on technology-neutral, real-world fuel economy gains.

"Automakers have already invested billions of dollars in new technologies, so consumers now have many choices when shopping for fuel-efficient vehicles. Today, on dealers' lots, there are more than 265 models that achieve 30+ MPG, with more coming. Sales of these and even more fuel-efficient vehicles will be critical to achieve these policy goals.

"Sales of autos are inextricably linked to jobs. Today, 8 million jobs depend on autos in the U.S., and not only jobs in states like MI, OH and IN, but also in TN, AL and SC. Aluminum for autos comes from PA, carpeting comes from NC and electronic components come from CA. In fact, suppliers stretch across this country. So as we set national policy, we need to remember that fuel economy is also an economic issue."