Alliance Statement on NHTSA Announcement Regarding Vehicle to Vehicle Communications

February 3, 2014

Today’s vehicles are already aware of their surroundings thanks to advanced driver assists now available to consumers. Vehicles that can communicate with other vehicles in the immediate area offer potential road safety and congestion-avoidance benefits. Automakers have invested significantly in safety technology and systems, and we will review today’s announcement and engage with NHTSA in next steps. We can provide a tremendous amount of guidance based on the research being conducted by automakers on innovative approaches to safety. DSRC radios may well play a larger role in future road safety, but many pieces of a large puzzle still need to fit together. What remains to be addressed is security and privacy, along with consumer acceptance, affordability, achieving the critical mass to enable the ‘network effect’ and establishment of the necessary legal and regulatory framework. In light of today’s announcement, the FCC should maintain the spectrum for safety critical auto systems until thorough testing is completed and all parties are certain that the spectrum remains reliable and secure for its primary purpose, and can be shared without interference.