"Crossovers" Continue to be the Biggest Segment of Sales

Crossovers Continue to be the Biggest Segment of Sales

Strong consumer demand for crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) continues, with crossovers representing more than a quarter of all autos sold in the U.S. CUVs have popular attributes of an SUV but are built on car platforms. In 2002, crossovers represented 7.7% of sales, rising to 25.5% in 2013. SUVs, by contrast, were about 18% of sales in 2002, falling to about 6.7% of sales today.


2013 vs. 2012 Sales Trends: Some Segments Grow, While Other Contract

Most Car Types Continue to Increase Their Sales

Across the board, auto sales increased 7.5% in 2013. There are eight different segments of the passenger car and light truck auto sales market, and five of those segments were up year-to-year in 2013. In fact, the large car segment led all others with a nearly 31 percent increase over middle car sales the year before. While large cars represented the biggest percentage increase in sales, volume-wise, the change in CUV sales was the biggest, increasing by more than half a million over 2012 – reaching nearly 4 million units sold. Additionally, consumer demand for luxury cars and pickups had double-digit percentage increases from the year before. Consumer demand for middle size cars, SUV’s and vans fell slightly – but all by less than a half percent.


Unit Sales and Percentage Change: 2011 and 2012

Unit Sales and Percentage Changes between 2011 and 2012