Auto manufacturing drives America forward.

The greater automobile industry is a massive employer reaching well beyond the iconic names of auto companies familiar to us all. Auto manufacturing depends on a broad range of parts, components and materials provided by thousands of suppliers, as well as a vast retail and vehicle maintenance network of dealers. Nationwide, 8 million workers and their families depend on autos. Each year, the industry generates $500 billion in paychecks, while generating $70 billion in tax revenues across the country.

2015 Jobs Report

By creating jobs, fueling innovation, driving exports, and connecting people, automakers are powering the American economy forward. Learn how Cars Move America in the 2015 Jobs Report.

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Quick Facts

Automobile Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Dealers, Create Skilled Jobs In 50 States

No other single industry is linked to so much of U.S. manufacturing or generates so much retail business and employment, as these facts show.

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Auto Manufacturing

Robust Auto Manufacturing Sector Vital To U.S. Economy

Driving America Forward: A robust auto manufacturing sector is vital to a healthy U.S. economy.

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Tax Impact

More Than $135 Billion In Federal And State Revenue

A new report from a leading industry research group documents that more than $205 billion in federal and state revenue is generated by the auto industry and from drivers and car owners nationwide.

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Jobs from Autos

Nationwide Auto Industry Creates 8 Million Jobs

Every State is an Auto State: Auto jobs don't just mean factories. Nationwide, dealers, suppliers, manufacturers and corporate auto headquarters combine to create 7.25 million jobs.

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State Facts

47 States Have Over 10,000 Jobs

Autos represent 3-3.5% of GDP in the United States, and 1 in every 25 jobs is dependent on the auto industry. See the facts and figures for each state.

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Auto Facilities

Auto Production Remains The Country's Largest Manufacturing Sector

Automobile production remains the country’s largest manufacturing sector.

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