Automakers Consistently Rank High in Industry R & D Investments

How Innovation Happens

Today’s automobile is the most sophisticated technology owned by consumers. From the early stages planning, automakers design innovations into new vehicles, recognizing that technology provides many solutions to meet consumer needs.

An auto must function in the harshest climate conditions, from freezing cold to 100% humidity to desert temperatures… running on the roughest roads, from urban potholes to unpaved country roads… performing at highway speeds… for as much as a 150,000-mile lifetime… while meeting thousands of regulatory standards.

Virtually every aspect of the modern automobile is now high-tech, uses a high-tech material or was developed through a high-tech process. As a result, automakers rank at the top of lists on most innovative companies, and automakers are recognized leaders in R&D investments, both globally and in the U.S.

2014 Innovation Report: “How Automakers are Driving Innovation”


Overview Innovation Report


The Alliance has issued its 2014 report on the state of innovation in the auto industry.

Whether it’s the nearly $100 billion automakers spend annually on R&D, or the thousands of new patents granted to the industry every year, this report has examples that help tell the story of how much technology automakers put into today’s autos.

For more information, and to view the 2014 Innovation Report, click here.